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SEO Case Study: Customs Broker’s 1,200% Traffic Explosion & Rise to the Top of Google!

Client’s Journey

Our client, a growing customs brokerage firm, faced a major challenge: they were invisible online. This meant no one could find them through a Google search, and as a result, they weren’t getting new customers through their website. They needed to make a big splash in the digital world, and they turned to us for help.

Challenges Met Head-On

Their main problems were clear:

  • Their website was a ghost town with hardly any visitors.
  • Google searches didn’t show their company, even for important terms in their industry.
  • They needed more customers and weren’t sure how to get them online.

Our Game Plan

We set out with a clear mission: get the client’s website to show up on the first page of Google and bring in consistent business through Google Ads. Here’s what we did:

  • We researched the best keywords for their business and made sure their website used these effectively.
  • We helped other websites link to our client’s site to build its reputation.
  • We kept their website fresh with regular blog posts about topics their customers cared about.
  • We set up and managed Google Ads to make sure they’d get in front of potential customers.

Results That Speak Volumes

The impact was huge:

  • Website visitors from organic Google search traffic jumped from 1,500 to over 18,000 a month.
  • They went from not ranking at all in Google to being in the top 3 spots for almost every important search term.
  • Over the past year, they got over 400,000 visits from Google, both from organic searches and paid ads, leading to thousands of new customer inquiries.

Real Change We Can See

The proof is in the pudding—or in this case, the screenshots below. They show the massive increase in Google Ads conversions and the steady climb of daily website visitors.

Key Takeaways

Our SEO and Google Ads campaign really turned things around for this customs brokerage firm. Before, nobody could find them online. We changed that by finding the right words people use to search for their services and made sure their website was optimized for those terms. This alone boosted their website visitors by 1,200%! We also kept their website interesting with new articles and used Google Ads to get even more people to visit. Thanks to these efforts, they’re now one of the first companies you see on Google when looking for their services. This shows how important it is to use the right words online and keep strengthening your website if you want more people to find you.

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